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Uragun is a challenging top-down shooter with roguelite flavor.


Play as a deadly-but-adorable mech unit and improvise your way out of trouble.

You are a gun with a mechanical heart and you love to [blip] & [blop]. Take control of a heavily armed mech unit and face a large, varied roster of hostile AI machines. You’re not alone as you can always count on your human buddy who loves to slightly abuse robots just like you.

Jump from one level to another and wreak havoc amongst countless enemy AI forces. There’s plenty of stuff for you to loot and attach to yourself but if you miss the extraction and die – you’re going to lose your thingies!

Experiment and find a perfect combination of your rich weaponry and abilities. Play with the environment, and use your enemies’ weaknesses to your advantage. Use your Instinct to create deadly combos. Enjoy the mayhem!


  • You are powerful and destruction is efficient. Crush AI even if this would set the whole world on fire.

  • Choose missions and resources and then cook your Mech just the way you like it!

  • This is not a school academy, this is a punk rock gig, improv gig! You can never be sure what to expect!

  • Dude, you are a robot. Yes, you are a gun! And its emotions that give you an edge over AI.

  • You are here to have a good time! However, if you look around you will find a meaningful story here.